A Fisheries Act for the future

Fulfilling our mandate to restore lost protections and incorporate modern safeguards

A Fisheries Act for the future

Canada needs a strong Fisheries Act to protect fish and their habitat for future generations. We're proposing changes that will safeguard fish, protect the environment and benefit our communities.

Tracking Bill C-68

A Fisheries Act for the future
A fisheries act for the future

Tabling of proposed legislation Bill C-68 February 2018
Bill C-68 passes in the House of Commons June 2018
Public participation opportunity on regulations
Summer 2018 – Fall 2018
Currently here
Bill C-68 referred to Senate possible public participation opportunity with Senate committee
Fall 2018
Possible timeframe for Bill C-68 passing in parliament and granted royal assent 2019
Possible timeframe for fish and fish habitat protections provisions coming into force 2019
Ongoing development of regulations Public participation opportunities 2019

Video transcript

We’re proposing changes to the Fisheries Act that would protect all fish and their habitat, take early steps towards reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, provide clarity for development projects, quickly address urgent threats to species and ecosystems, strengthen how we protect biodiversity, keep the benefits of fishing with harvesters and their communities. We’re proposing a Fisheries Act for the future.

Introducing the proposed Fisheries Act

Overview of proposed amendments, including restored protections for fish habitat, enhanced marine protection and habitat restoration, better management of projects, preserving independent inshore fisheries and a strengthened Indigenous role in project reviews, monitoring and policy development.

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Text of Bill C-68 – An Act to amend the Fisheries Act

Protecting fish and fish habitat

Restoring protections like the prohibition against the harmful alteration, disruption and destruction of fish habitat.

Better management of projects

Enabling responsible development around fish and their habitat through clearer permitting and codes of practice.

Reconciliation with Indigenous peoples

Promoting the recognition of rights, respect, co-operation and partnering with Indigenous communities.

Protecting biodiversity and addressing threats

Creating measures for protecting biodiversity and addressing urgent threats to species and habitat.

Supporting independent fishers

Supporting a strong independent inshore commercial fishery.

Restoring and rebuilding

Restoring damaged habitat and rebuilding depleted fish stocks.

What we heard from you

Proposed amendments to the Fisheries Act were made with Canadian views in mind. We sought feedback from stakeholders, partners and Indigenous peoples on restoring lost protections and adding modern safeguards through online public consultation, in-person meetings and written submissions.

Recent consultations

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Infographic summarizing consultations on the Fisheries Act

2163 Canadians registered online
5438 completed e-workbooks
Over 170 meetings with Indigenous groups
Over 200 Indigenous group submissions
Over 200 letters to the Minister

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