North Atlantic Right Whales – Notice for re-opening of all grids

Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) – Fisheries and Oceans Canada is providing notice for the opening of grids that were previously closed due to the presence of North Atlantic Right Whales (NARW).

The following grids in the Gulf of St Lawrence, including those from the static fishing closure area, will be reopening on November 26, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. Atlantic Daylight Time (ADT):

  • Full grids GV41, GV42, GW37, GW39, GW40, GW41, GW42, GX36, GX37, GX41, GX42, GY36, GY37, GY38, GY40, GY41, GY42, GZ35, GZ36, GZ37, GZ38, GZ40, GZ41, GZ42, HA35, HA36, HA38, HA39, HA40, HA41, HA42, HB40, HB41, HB42, HB43, HC40, HC41, HC42, HC43, HC44, HC45, HD41, HD42, HD43, HD44, HD45, HE40, HE41, HE42, HE43, HE44, HE45, HE46, HE47, HE48, HE49, HE52, HF41, HF42, HF43, HF44, HF45, HF46, HF47, HF48, HF49, HF50, HF51, HF52, HG51, HG52
  • Portions of grids GY35, HD48, HD49, HD50, HD51, HD52, HE50, HE51, HF40, HG40, HG41, HG42, HG43, HG44, HG45, HG47, HG48, HG49, HG50

DFO asks licence holders to continue to be vigilant during fishing activities concerning the presence of North Atlantic Right Whales. Furthermore, please be reminded that it is the responsibility of the licence holder to take into account the marine safety notices issued, amongst others, by Environment and Climate Change Canada and Transport Canada, as well as the standards and best practices in marine safety, and to take all measures to ensure safe fishing operations.

Map identifying all grid closures in Atlantic Canada due to the presence of NARW

Map identifying all grid closures in Atlantic Canada due to the presence of NARW.

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