Coastal Restoration Fund: Overview of funded projects from 2017

Find out about the projects that were approved under the first round of funding for the Coastal Restoration Fund.

Project overviews by province and territory

Select one of the following provinces or territories to browse summaries of approved projects for the area.

Map of approved projects

Map of projects funded through the Coastal Restoration Fund. Check here regularly to see updates as new projects are added.

Project Organization
1 Pacific Salmon Foundation
2 Fraser Valley Watersheds Coalition
3 Raincoast Conservation Foundation
4 Comox Valley Project Watershed Society
5 North Coast Skeena First Nations Stewardship Society
6 Squamish River Watershed Society
7 Gitga'at First Nation
8 Cowichan Tribes
9 Maa-nulth Treaty Society
10 British Columbia Conservation Foundation
11 SeaChange Marine Conservation Society
12 University of Waterloo
13 Dalhousie University
14 Arctic Eider Society
15 Aurora College – Aurora Research Institute
16 Conseil de la Nation huronne-wendat
17 Comité ZIP Côte-Nord du Golfe
18 Merinov
19 Comité ZIP du Sud-de-l'Estuaire
20 Comité ZIP Gaspésie
21 Fondation de la faune du Québec
22 Groupe environnemental Uni-Vert région Matane
23 Clean Foundation
24 St Mary's University
25 Maritime Aboriginal Peoples Council
26 PEI Watershed Alliance
27 Passamaquoddy Recognition Group
28 Kopit Lodge
29 Ducks Unlimited Canada
30 Memorial University of Newfoundland – Fisheries and Marine Institute
31 World Wildlife Fund Canada
32 Mi'kmaq Alsumk Mowimsikik Koqoey Association

Project assessment

The assessment of projects included a review of activities related to supporting physical habitat improvements, including:

  • focusing on:
    • estuaries
    • nearshore habitats
    • coastal watersheds
  • restoring key habitats, such as:
    • salt marshes
    • eelgrass beds
    • beaches used by forage species for:
      • spawning
      • fry rearing
    • shellfish beds
    • migratory corridors for salmon and char
  • addressing habitat needs for species at risk

The assessment also considered a range of coastal restoration priority areas, including:

  • Placentia Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Bay of Islands, Newfoundland and Labrador
  • St. John Harbour and the mouth of the St. John River, New Brunswick
  • St. Lawrence Estuary
  • Gulf of St. Lawrence
  • Northumberland Strait
  • Bay of Fundy
  • Bras d'Or Lake
  • Fraser River, British Columbia
  • Strait of Georgia, British Columbia
  • Skeena River, British Columbia
  • the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Meeting fund objectives

All approved projects:

  • secured additional partners
  • undertook key coastal restoration activities
  • leveraged additional funds to support the initiative
  • targeted key species at risk, such as the southern resident killer whale
  • ensured Indigenous involvement in the design and/or implementation of the project
  • addressed priority coastal areas, such as Placentia Bay and the Gulf of St. Lawrence
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