The Centre of Expertise on State of the Oceans Reporting and Ocean Science Data at DFO


Many scientists contributed to the content of Canada's State of the Oceans Report, 2012 and to the regional reports. The scientists who managed the creation of the regional reports on the Large Ocean Management Areas were: Pacific North Coast (Bill Crawford, Jim Irvine); Beaufort Sea (Andrea Niemi); Gulf of St. Lawrence (Hugues Benoit, Jacques Gagné); Scotian Shelf (Nancy Shackell, Melanie MacLean); and Placentia Bay-Grand Banks (Nadine Templeman, Vanessa Sutton-Pande, Atef Mansour).

During the five year time span of the initiative, the Department also collected marine data in the Arctic, as part of projects funded under the Climate Change stream of Canada's 2007-2008 International Polar Year program, notably the Canadian Archipelago Through-Flow Study and Canada's Three Oceans Project, as well as via the Department's 2009-2010 Climate Change Science Initiative. Ongoing marine data collection and analysis is also facilitated through the Atlantic Zone Monitoring Program; the Argo program and other Ocean Sciences programs at DFO.

In November 2011, the five-year Aquatic Climate Change Adaptation Services Program was launched at Fisheries and Oceans Canada. This program is intended to advance knowledge and understanding of climate change risks, impacts and opportunities in Canada's marine territories, and the development of adaptation tools, relative to the areas of responsibility of Fisheries and Oceans Canada. The Aquatic Climate Change Adaptation Services Program is focused at a large scale - Canada's marine estate in each of the Pacific, Arctic, and Atlantic marine regions, plus Canada's central freshwater ecosystems.

The Fisheries and Oceans Canada web pages on Ocean Sciences provide more information on how marine data is collected and used to inform Canadians about the three oceans surrounding Canada.

The following links access full length reports on each of the large ocean management areas.

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