Centres of expertise

Science centres that focus on academic partnerships to complete specific projects.

Centre for Aquatic Animal Health Research and Diagnostics
Regulatory research that supports the National Aquatic Animal Health Program.
Centre for Aquatic Biotechnology Regulatory Research
Informs the regulation of genetically modified fish.
Centre of Expertise for Aquatic Risk Assessment
Focuses on marine ecosystems and pathways that transport aquatic invasive species to freshwater.
Centre of Expertise on Marine Mammals
Links experts across Canada with researchers working on the ecology and health of marine mammals.
Centre for Ocean Model Development for Applications
Coordinates computer model development of ocean and marine ecosystem variability.
Centre for Offshore Oil, Gas and Energy Research
Focuses on petroleum introduced to marine and coastal environments to counter oil spill impacts.
National Centre for Arctic Aquatic Research Excellence
Coordinates research aboard Canadian Coast Guard vessels and advises on Northern aquatic research.
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