Oceans Climate and Weather

Atlantic Zone Monitoring Programme (AZMP)

Access data, studies and products pertaining to the Atlantic Zone. Includes biological, chemical and physical data on such aspects as nutrients, salinity and weather.

Atlantic Zone Off-Shelf Monitoring Program (AZOMP)

Access data and products on the continental slope and deeper waters of the North West Atlantic. Includes physical, chemical and biological oceanographic observations used to monitor variability in the ocean climate affecting ecosystems as well as the regional and global climate.

Buoy weather data from British Columbia

Access data gathered from sixteen offshore weather buoys measuring general weather information in the marine area around British Columbia.

Drifting Buoys

Global sea surface meteorological and oceanographic observations reported in daily and historical time frames.

Fisheries climatology

Learn about fisheries climatology and the possible impacts of climate and climate change on the productivity, abundance, distribution, and dynamics of marine fish stocks on the West Coast of Canada.

Global sea-surface temperature climatology

A global climatology of monthly sea surface temperature developed by the Canadian Meteorological Centre using both in situ and remotely sensed temperature observations.

Haida and Sitka eddies maps & graphics

Access sea surface height maps and other graphics showing the Haida and Sitka Eddies.

Ocean Science Hydrographic Climate Database (Climate)

Access this comprehensive, open access collection of temperature and salinity data for the Northwest Atlantic and Eastern Arctic.


Learn about this applied science which deals with the measurement and description of the depths, tides, currents and physical features of the navigable waters and adjoining coastal areas, with special reference to their use for the purpose of safe navigation.


Data, studies and research reports from Canadian ocean monitoring programs and databases.

Remote sensing

Satellite remote sensing of oceans surrounding Canada and data on sea surface temperatures.

Range profiles for British Columbian waters

Search and find historical statistics on seasonal temperatures and salinity in British Columbian waters.

Sea ice studies

Access research on sea ice studies for Labrador and Newfoundland, Gulf of St. Lawrence, the Canadian Arctic Archipelago and the Beaufort Sea. Includes sea ice projects, instruments, data, publications, photo gallery and contact information.

Gulf of Alaska sea surface temperature and salinity

Access data on the sea surface temperature in the Gulf of Alaska. Includes data on contour plots of the North East Pacific surface temperatures and anomalies.

Tsunami Research

Find research on the observation and modelling of tsunamis being conducted at the Institute of Ocean Science (IOS).

Wave and marine buoy observations

Access research, reports and publications on wave and marine buoy data in Canadian waters.

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