Ocean monitoring

Array for Real-time Geostrophic Oceanography (ARGO)

Find information on this data collection system which uses a global array of robotic floats to take the climatic pulse of the oceans.

Atlantic Zone Monitoring Programme (AZMP)

Access data, studies and products pertaining to the Atlantic Zone. Includes biological, chemical and physical data on such aspects as nutrients, salinity and weather.

Atlantic Zone Off-Shelf Monitoring Program (AZOMP)

Access data and products on the continental slope and deeper waters of the North West Atlantic. Includes physical, chemical and biological oceanographic observations used to monitor variability in the ocean climate affecting ecosystems as well as the regional and global climate.

Buoy weather data from British Columbia

Access data gathered from sixteen offshore weather buoys measuring general weather information in the marine area around British Columbia.

Deep-Sea Research Part II

Access oceanographic data collected for the special issue of Deep-Sea Research on Haida Eddies.

Drifting Buoys

Global sea surface meteorological and oceanographic observations reported in daily and historical time frames.

Interactive Maps and Web Mapping Services

Search a selection of interactive maps, such as tidal water fishing areas for sportfishing in British Columbia and tide currents and water levels in Canada. Access fish and fish habitat map information in British Columbia, Yukon Territory and the Canadian pacific offshore area.

Monitoring southern British Columbia coastal waters

Find information on properties of coastal waters in Southern BC, types of data collected and how they are monitored.

Moorings data from British Columbia

Search the Institute of Ocean Sciences inventory for data from moored instrumentation in waters around British Columbia. Data includes information on water temperature, currents, waves and salinity.

Oceanographic databases

Access a number of databases (such as BioChem and Hydrographic Climate) maintained by Ocean Sciences at the Bedford Institute. Includes information on North West Atlantic temperature-salinity, sea-surface temperature from satellites, monthly statistics of ocean currents and other moored instruments, and daily temperature observations from coastal thermographs.

Oceanographic Data Management System

Search ocean profile data of the St. Lawrence Estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence . Includes measurements of water temperature, salinity, currents, pressure, plankton, dissolved oxygen and fluorescence.

On-Line Scientific Buoys

Search oceanographic data collected at 19 fixed stations throughout the St. Lawrence since 1993.

Remote Sensing

Find information on satellite remote sensing of oceans surrounding Canada and access data on sea surface temperatures.


Data, studies and research reports from Canadian ocean monitoring programs and databases.

Satellite Imagery

Search the Institute of Ocean Science data archives for satellite images from the Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer, SeaWiFS and Medium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer.

Water properties profiles in British Columbia

Search and find information about water properties profiles within British Columbia.

The Drift Bottle Project

Learn about the Drift Bottle Project Includes information about the study of ocean surface currents and `drop` and `recovery` locations.

Wave and marine buoy observations

Access research, reports and publications on wave and marine buoy data in Canadian waters.

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