Oceanography and Scientific Data

Oceanographic activities

Fisheries and Oceans Canada is an important contributor to national and international oceanographic programs that provide data on global ocean processes for use in scenarios and climate models for risk management and advice on fisheries resources.

Oceans, Lakes and Water Data

Access data and research on ocean and water property profiles, sea surface temperatures and satellite imagery. Search for oceanographic and data codes and their meanings.

Oceans, Lakes and Water Nutrients

Search for data on temperature-salinity profiles in Canadian waters. Includes studies and research gathered from Canadian ocean monitoring programs and databases.


Find data, studies, research reports and images gathered from Canadian ocean monitoring programs and databases.


Access data and studies related to salinity in Atlantic and Pacific coastal waters. Includes information about currents, water and sea surface temperatures.


Access data and research on current and historical sea surface temperatures. Includes satellite imagery and information on ocean monitoring programs and projects.


Find research and data on waves, tides, currents and water levels in Canada. Includes physical, chemical and biological profiles of oceanographic data.

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