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News releases

News Releases are used to give details about an announcement, event or key milestone.

Media advisories

Media Advisories are used to inform media of an upcoming event, giving details of who, what, when, where, and why.


Backgrounders provide background or context information on a topic of interest.


A statement replaces a news release if there will not be an event. The statement itself embodies the event (it is the announcement that would have occurred at an event) that the news release would have otherwise described.

Fisheries Act convictions

An up-to-date list of convictions under the Fisheries Act, organized by region.

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All archived news products from 2015 and earlier.


Visual representations presented in a straightforward and engaging manner.

Video Gallery

Videos on our programs, research, and scientists, and about aquatic species, climate change, and conservation efforts for you to view.

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