Fish slip information

Fish slips are a requirement for most commercial and Aboriginal sales fisheries in British Columbia.

Where to get fish slips

Download fish slips free of charge using the links below. Please note: users are responsible for keeping their own copies.

Fish slip [PDF]
Aboriginal fisheries fish slip [PDF]
Clam slip [PDF]
Aboriginal fisheries clam slip [PDF]

How to fill out a fish slip

Catch information is needed by the Department to assess fish stocks and manage fisheries. The following information is required on each slip.

Fish slips are no longer required for landings from licence categories ZN (rockfish), ZX, ZY (special use herring) or H (roe herring).

1. Who the fish were offloaded, sold or delivered to

2. Who fished

3. Where it was caught

4. How it was caught

5. When it was landed

6. What was caught

Contact us

For more information on fish slips, please contact the Data Unit at 604-666-2716.