Printing Licence-related Documents: Step-by-Step

PDF Version

  1. Click the “Print Documents” link under the “Licensing” section of the left-navigation menu.

    NOTE: To participate in a fishery, you must print and carry onboard your licence, licence conditions, and any other documents required in your fisheries management plan.

    This is an image of the Print Documents screen, where the Print Documents hyperlink is circled in orange

  2. Click the document link in the “Document Name” column that you wish to print.

    NOTE: If you represent more than one fishing licence holder or organization, a drop-down menu of available accounts will appear at the top of the screen. Once you choose an account, the Licence / Conditions Documents will appear.

    This is an image of the Licence and Condition Documents section, where the Licence Conditions hyperlink is circled in orange

  3. Click the “Open” button when the “File Download” pop-up window appears.

    TIP:Make sure you have a portable document format (PDF) reader installed on your computer as all licensing documents on the system are in PDF format.

    This is an image of the File Download pop up, where the Open button is circled in orange

    NOTE: To print the document from another computer (or to save the document on your computer), click the “Save” button. Next, select the folder on your computer or an external drive (e.g., a USB key) and click the “Save” button.

  4. Click the printer icon on the tool bar of your PDF reader.
    This is an image of the PDF Reader tool bar, where the printer icon is circled in orange