On the water

Lighthouses, navigation and marine conditions, search and rescue, and small craft harbours.

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Services and information


Purpose and uses, heritage structures and map of historic lighthouses from coast to coast.

Navigation and marine conditions

Navigation by region, communications and traffic systems, nautical charts, weather reports, icebreaking, navigation aids.

Search and rescue

Incident reporting, beacon registration and what we're doing.

Small craft harbours

About small craft harbours and harbour authorities, lists and maps.

Marine safety

Canada’s marine safety system on the East and West coasts, including response to ship-source oil spills.



Oceans Protection Plan

Canada has the world's longest coastline, and our water is one of our most important resources.

2019 Canadian Tide and Current Tables

Access table, graphic and text formats for over 700 stations in Canada to navigate our waters safely.

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Discover free, downloadable Sailing Directions or purchase the booklet as an indispensable companion to nautical charts before sailing.