If you see tail, fin or spray – Stay far enough away

100 metres to 200 metres away.

Keeping a minimum of 100 metres away from most whales, porpoises and dolphins, and keeping 200 metres away if they are in resting position or with their calf.

200 metres to 400 metres away.

Keeping 200 metres away from killer whales in B.C. and the Pacific Ocean and keeping 400 metres away from all killer whales in Southern Resident Killer whale critical habitat* (June 1 – Oct. 31).
* Under the Canada Shipping Act. Some exceptions may apply.

400 metres away.

Belugas in the St. Lawrence Estuary.

Certain whales, like Killer Whales in B.C. and the St. Lawrence Estuary Beluga in Quebec, need more distance because of threats they already face. There are also other approach distances which are tailored to particular circumstances. For more information visit: Protecting Canada's Endangered Whales.


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