Environmental management in aquaculture

Management measures for protecting fish health and aquatic ecosystems, environmental reports.

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Services and information

British Columbia environmental reports

Data, information and reports on the environmental performance of the aquaculture industry in BC.

Organic material

Actions taken to reduce the potential impact of organic matter deposits on fish and fish habitat.

Use of chemicals

Information about the type of chemicals allowed for aquaculture operations.

Physical alteration of habitat

Measures to reduce possible impact of operations or aquaculture installations on aquatic habitat.

Introductions and transfers

Requirements for planned movement of live aquatic organisms while ensuring minimal impacts on ecosystems.

Disease and pest control

Government actions to minimize the risk of disease in aquaculture species.

Fish escapes and containment

Avoiding breaches of containment and minimizing risks to wild species if escapes happen.

Sea lice

Research on sea lice, its effect on marine finfish, and controlling measures on fish farms.

Fish removal

Measures taken for dealing with incidental catch from aquaculturists while protecting wild species.

What we are doing


Improving Aquaculture Regulations

Aquaculture site

Find information about the Aquaculture Regulatory Reform in Canada and its goal to support sustainable growth in the sector while safeguarding the environment.

Species farmed in Canada

Illustration of farmed salmon

Search profiles of farmed fish and shellfish in Canada.