Sustainable aquaculture, licences, regulations, statistics, reporting, science and research.

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Services and information

Aquaculture in British Columbia

Licencing, environmental performance, regulations, compliance and enforcement activities in BC.

Business and licences

Licences and permits related to aquaculture operations in provinces and territories, sites and maps.

Collaboration and responsibilities

Responsibility of federal, provincial, territorial governments and industry, national and international collaboration.

Environmental management and reporting

Management measures for protecting fish health and aquatic ecosystems, environmental reports.

Regulations and policies

Laws and policies governing aquaculture activities, compliance, and regulatory reform and research.

Science and research

R&D, targeted and collaborative research, peer-reviewed processes, technologies, species research.

Statistics and reports

Statistics, facts and reports about farmed species, and the importance of the economic contribution.

What we are doing


Adopting clean technologies
R&D review 2017

Funding to help fisheries and aquaculture industries reduce the impact of their activities on the environment.

Improving Aquaculture Regulations

Information about aquaculture regulatory reform and its goal to support sustainable growth while safeguarding the environment.

Cooperating on marine aquaculture

Canada and U.S. collaborate to ensure responsible aquaculture and to support jobs in coastal and rural communities.