Navigational products, services and information to ensure the safety of mariners.

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Services and information

Economic benefits of Canada’s marine resources

About offshore gas and oil sites, expanding navigation routes and mapping seabeds for renewable energy.

Legal aspects of the Canadian Hydrography Service (CHS)

Federal statutes, legislation, charts, conventions and regulations related to the CHS.

Defining Canada’s extended continental shelf

Technical support for defining borders and limits like maritime boundaries.

Marine geodetic advice and expertise

Maritime limits and boundaries, surveys and datum related to the measurement and representation of the earth.

Standards for developers

Standards followed by the Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS) for electronic chart systems.


Work with government, industry and international partners on emergency response and preparedness projects.

Data acquisition

Hydrographic surveys to create and update nautical charts and develop current tables and navigational publications.

Data processing techniques

How raw data from sonar readings and satellite imagery is used for nautical charts and other products.

Data management

About the network of systems used to manage and process data, and store and deliver services and products.

Advisory Committee on Undersea Feature Names

Committee for naming Canadian undersea and surface maritime features.

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