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Fisheries and Oceans established a Species at Risk Management Division (SARMD) in 1999 to lead the coordination of the Region's Species at Risk Program.

Key Activities

SARMD is responsible for regional species at risk and oversees assessment, consultation, listing, recovery planning and implementation, and permitting. To implement these activities, SARMD works closely with other DFO programs (including Fisheries and Aquaculture Management, Fisheries Protection Program, Oceans and Coastal Management, Policy and Economics, and Science) and relies on the cooperation of other government agencies, First Nations and other Aboriginal organizations, stakeholders, and the general public.

The Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) is an independent committee of experts, which assesses the status of a species based on the best available information, including scientific data, local ecological information, and Aboriginal traditional knowledge. Once aquatic species are assessed, DFO is responsible for making a recommendation to the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change on whether or not to list the species under the Species at Risk Act (SARA). As part of this process, DFO conducts consultations open to all Canadians to determine potential benefits or impacts of listing a species.

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Public consultations

For more information on SARA public consultations, please visit the SARA Public Registry.

Maritimes Aquatic Species at Risk

Learn more about the aquatic species listed under the federal SARA that are found in the Maritimes Region by viewing their profiles. Not all species are equally at risk, so they are separated into categories: ExtinctExtirpatedEndangered,Threatened and Special Concern.

Endangered Species: a wildlife species that is facing imminent Extirpation or Extinction

Success stories

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Endangered Species

A wildlife species that is facing imminent Extirpation or Extinction

Threatened Species

A wildlife species that is likely to become an Endangered species if nothing is done to reverse the factors leading to its extirpation on extinction

Special Concern Species

A wildlife species that may become a Threatened or Endangered species because of a combination of biological characteristics and identified threats

Extirpated Species

No longer existing in the wild in the Maritimes Region, but still existing in other places