Electronic logbooks (ELOGS)

Electronic logbook (ELOG) client applications allow for commercial fishing catch and effort information to be entered and transmitted electronically. Use of innovative technology will improve the way we manage this information, and modernize the way we do business.

We have started using ELOGS in a small number of commercial fisheries in 2018 and will later expand to most commercial fisheries across Canada.

Fish harvesters:

Electronic Logbook (ELOG) Key

You must get an electronic logbook (ELOG) key from us in order to use your ELOG application to send data to our national system.

To get your ELOG key, you’ll need your electronic credential, which is either your GCKey or SecureKey Concierge. ELOG keys are different from GCKeys. A GCKey is a secure electronic credential used to sign in to various government services, such as the National Online Licensing System.

Once you sign in to our ELOG key application, you’ll be able to get an ELOG key, which is a string of 24 characters. You must manually copy and store your key in your ELOG application before using it to transmit logbook information to us. This only needs to be done once.

We require a valid ELOG key each time you transmit electronic logbook data. So, you’ll need to manually copy and store your key again if you cancel and replace your ELOG key. You may also use our ELOG key application to view your existing key.

You’re responsible for your ELOG key. You must not share it with anyone.

We’ll revoke your ELOG key if it’s not used for more than a year.

Get your ELOG Key

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