Request a review of your project near water: Step 1. What this service offers

August 28, 2019: New fish and fish habitat protection provisions of the Fisheries Act are in force. An updated Fisheries Act will be available in the near future. This site will be updated to provide notice when the Act is available.

Learn about guidance and transitional provisions following the passage of Bill C-68 (The Fisheries Act).

The Fish and Fish Habitat Protection Program ensures compliance with relevant provisions under the Fisheries Act and the Species at Risk Act. The program reviews proposed works, undertakings and activities that may impact fish and fish habitat.

If your project is taking place in or near water, you’re responsible for:

  • understanding the impacts your project will likely have on fish and fish habitat
  • taking measures to avoid and mitigate impacts to fish and fish habitat
  • requesting an authorization from the Minister and abiding by the conditions of your authorization when it is not possible to avoid and mitigate project impacts on fish and fish habitat
  • ensuring compliance with all statutory instruments, including federal and provincial legislations

You can submit your project plans for us to review and we’ll:

  • identify the potential risks of the project to the conservation and protection of fish and fish habitat
  • work with you to ensure that impacts are managed in the best way possible