Aquaculture collaboration and responsibilities

Responsibility of federal, provincial, territorial governments and industry, national and international collaboration.

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Services and information

Aquaculture collaboration

How Canada collaborates nationally and internationally to secure a future for global aquaculture.

Roles and responsibilities

How Fisheries and Oceans Canada, provincial and territorial governments and industry support aquaculture.

Sustainable Aquaculture Program

Canada's commitment to developing aquaculture in a sustainable manner and protecting marine ecosystems.

Vision and mandate for aquaculture

Links to policy principles to help the department achieve its vision for the future of aquaculture.

What we are doing


Improving Aquaculture Regulations

Aquaculture site

Find information about the Aquaculture Regulatory Reform in Canada and its goal to support sustainable growth in the sector while safeguarding the environment.

Species farmed in Canada

Illustration of farmed salmon

Search profiles of farmed fish and shellfish in Canada.