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Aquaculture Research: Shedding light on the effects of oyster farming

Aquaculture Research: Tracking released farmed salmon

Aquaculture Research: Tracking released farmed salmon Video

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The sustainability of Canada’s aquaculture industry is one of Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s research priorities. Scientific research informs regulatory decision-making, ensures healthy aquatic animals, and explores new technologies. Research also improves our understanding of the interactions of farmed and wild fish and shellfish, as well as the environment on which these species depend.

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The communication of research, peer review, and scientific advisory processes is an important component of the Department’s aquaculture science program. It ensures that regulatory and management decisions made for the sector are based on the best available scientific knowledge. It also promotes transparency in research related to the health of farmed aquatic species and the marine and freshwater ecosystems in which they are grown.