Research Document - 2008/026

Protocol for the detection of fish Species At Risk in Ontario Great Lakes Area (OGLA)

By C.B. Portt, G.A. Coker, N.E. Mandrak and D.L. Ming


This document provides protocols and methods for addressing the presence, or possible presence, of fish species at risk within the zone of impact of a project, and determining whether the project must be reviewed under the Species at Risk Act (SARA). Guidance on when to obtain a SARA permit for the collection and handling of species at risk is also provided. A brief introduction to the SARA is given. Guidance is provided on sampling gear and effort required to determine the presence, or probable absence, of fish species at risk and on methods of documenting species at risk identification. This document is designed for use by persons undertaking a project that may impact a fish species at risk, or where the potential detection of a species at risk may affect a project. It is directed primarily toward species at risk that occur in Ontario.

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