Licences, permits and funding programs related to fish and seal harvesting in Canada.

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Services and information

Aboriginal fishing

Programs that support Indigenous fisheries, and funding for commercial fishing and conservation.

Commercial fishing

Fishing licences, exporting, quotas, statistics, openings and closures.

Recreational fishing

Licences, regulations, industry statistics and data.

Seals and sealing

Facts, statistics and regulations on Canada’s seal harvest, and the 6 species of seals affected.

Shellfish harvesting and safety

Harvesting areas, closures, safety practices, contamination and illness, reporting and the sanitation program.

Fisheries enforcement

Fisheries Act convictions, high seas monitoring, officer recruitment and international citations.

International management

Agreements, overfishing, global partners and trade tracking.

Fisheries programs and initiatives

Find out what we are doing to support a stable and sustainable fishing industry.

What we are doing