Marine protected area (MPA) networks

The Government of Canada is working to expand its network of marine protected areas.

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Services and information

About the network

Canada’s national network of MPAs will be composed of 13 networks that share a common foundation.

MPA network development

Learn about Canada’s network of MPAs.

Map of bioregions

Maps of marine bioregions across the country.

Guiding principles

The planning process and flexible management approaches supporting Canada’s marine resources.

What we are doing


Oceans Protection Plan

Oceans Protection Plan

Canada has the world's longest coastline, and our water is one of our most important resource.

Conservation measures

Conservation measures

Marine protected areas and areas of interest for ocean protection.

State of the Arctic Ocean

State of the Arctic Ocean

Canada’s Oceans Now: Arctic Ecosystems provides new knowledge and known trends for marine areas of the Canadian Arctic.

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