Marine protected areas (MPAs), areas of interest (AOI) and other measures

Learn what the Government of Canada is doing to protect our oceans.

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Services and information

Marine protected areas (MPAs)

How DFO protects important fish and marine mammal habitats and endangered marine species.

Areas of interest (AOI)

These areas contain ecologically-sensitive land or species that need extra protection.

Guiding principles

The planning process and flexible management approaches supporting Canada’s marine resources.


How marine protected areas are established and managed under the Oceans Act.

Benefits of MPAs

MPAs and MPA networks provide many environmental and social benefits and cultural contributions.

MPA network development

The Government of Canada is working to expand its network of marine protected areas.


Maps of marine protected areas, areas of interest and marine bioregions across the country.

Other effective area-based conservation measures

Learn about Canada’s approach to identifying other effective area-based conservation measures

What we are doing

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