Science by Topic

Aquaculture science and research

R&D, targeted and collaborative research, peer-reviewed processes, technologies, species research.

Aquatic ecosystem science

How this science supports human activities in areas such as fishing, aquaculture and transportation.

Aquatic Animal Health Science

Marine health programs for wild and farmed species. Scientific research on pathogens and parasites.

Aquatic species

Maps of aquatic invasive species, plankton data, the Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS).

Aquatic Biotechnology and Genomics Program

The environmental and human health safety of aquatic organism products issued from biotechnology.


Navigational products and services, maritime boundaries, standards, surveys, legal aspects and more.

Marine Contaminants

Toxic chemicals found in aquatic life and their habitats, including pesticides in the marine environment.

Sea ice studies

Research projects, instruments, data, publications, photo gallery, posters and contact information.

Oceanography and scientific data

Plankton, salinity, tides, water nutrients and other research sourced from data collection points.

Oceans Climate and Weather

Research on the effect of changes in ocean conditions on fish stocks, habitat and marine activities.

Ocean monitoring

Wave and weather data, ocean currents and profile data, satellite imagery, temperature and salinity.

Tides, currents and water levels

Data on currents, tides, predicted times and heights of high and low waters, hourly water levels.

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